Shop front view

Curative is stands for Curated and Creative. Which means, obviously, we curate things that we love and most of them are coming from a creative industry world, specifically in Fashion and Cosmetic. Curative also a terms from medical world means “things that healing”, because we believe, shopping and creative goods are a healer for some people who stress out their work, life, and personal thing.

Our lyfe motto

From in 2016, we opened our first store in Jl. Merdeka, Renon – Denpasar, a growing area for creative industry. And now, Merdeka Street known as one of the most important streets for some well-known store and cafes in Denpasar. Our (sudden) decision in late 2017, made us move in the heart of Hanoman street, Ubud. The decision also lead us to more focusing on local brands rather than international brand that we brought back then in Curative Denpasar. Since we’re getting closer to international market, we also want to introduce some of the local heroes to the people, still with our style and reasonable price point. We want to showcase the Indonesia’s rich culture through creative goods made by locals and also create a sustainable good impact in our local creative’s life.

WHO DOESN’T LOVE UBUD? Good question, and we know exactly the answer : NONE. Some of you probably been here. Internationally famous since the eat, pray, love movie staring the legendary Julia Roberts, Ubud gain more popularity as a MUST VISIT place before your die. Top Ten Traveller choice from Tripadvisor for World best destination, rank #10 in the world and #3 in Asia (2016), Ubud become a huge name year after year. Ubud is actually a small village located in Gianyar. Where not only a home for one the best forest scenery, but also a magnificent rice field view, numerous social attraction including yoga, wellness, spa, rafting, cycling, and trekking, deep cultural life, and the most important thing, one of the creative goods home base in Bali. Ubud is a home for many artist, crafter, and maker. Thousand inspiration and art born in Ubud yearly.

This time, Curative host more than thirty Indonesia’s local pride that we want to show it in our tiny showcase. But, size is not represent our dream. We want your brand to be part of everyone journey, the local and travelers journey. Being part of our family in the most desirable place in the world is probably the best offer we could give to your brand. Because nothing beat passion and love for goodness.

Jalan Hanoman, 24, Ubud – Bali
Open 9 AM – 9 PM